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Information in english

As a special service we also offer to teach our concept of how to paint in both English and Spanish.

You/your child will be taught in one of our painting classes together with others - so you/ they will enjoy a double benefit: we undertake to teach the art of painting in a familiar language and you/they will be able to learn German by talking and listening to the other course participants.

Establishment and development of our Art School

Founded in 1999, KUNSTHAUS SCHENEFELD is one of the largest and best established art schools in the west of Hamburg and south of Schleswig-Holstein, offering a variety of courses for students ranging from beginners to the very advanced.

  • Courses in painting and handicraft for very young children
  • for children, young people and adults, courses in painting, drawing, photography, printing, computer graphics, jewellery design, sculpture and fashion design.

We also offer a wide range of

seminars, workshops, painting excursions and journeys abroad for all ages.

Experienced artists and tutors work on the basis of a tried and tested concept to encourage the individual creativity of course participants. The spacious studios provide room for them to act out their creativity and find their very own form of expression.
Amateur artists are given as much support in their development as those who are working on their portfolio to apply to art schools.

Our school is open to all those who want to live their life in a different way, those who are looking for a space to live out their creativity.


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